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You can buy FML without prescription as one of the most widely-taken medications from this officinal category of officinal remedies. Fluorometholone is the second name (main active component) of these medicines. This medical agent generally possesses by the strongest anti-inflammatory activity used in the ophthalmologic practice. The medicant belongs to the class of glucocorticosteroids also possessed by the anti-allergic and anti-exudative action. It is mainly realized in form of eyes’ drop (suspension 0,1%).

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All sick persons may usually buy cheap FML online without any problems right now. This medicamentous preparation is chiefly very successfully employed in the ophthalmologic practice for the curing of such eyes diseases as

  • inflammatory illnesses of the conjunctiva;
  • inflammatory diseases of cornea;
  • inflammatory illnesses of the eyes’ front part
  • eyes’ some allergic illnesses;
  • eyes hypertension or heightened intraocular pressure (as additional medical agent only under the physician’s controlling);
  • some others.

The main contraindications (and also limitations) of the medical product are

  • heavy renal insufficiency;
  • hard failure of liver;
  • full (or sometimes not full) combination of the bronchial asthma, nasal polyposis and NSAIDs intolerance;
  • hypersensitiveness;
  • liver’s active illnesses;
  • bleedings;
  • gastrointestinal tract’s erosive ulcerous lesions;
  • rhinitis;
  • period of lactation;
  • child’s age till sixteen years;
  • combined medical curing together with MAO inhibitors;
  • nettle rush;
  • gestation;
  • delivery period;
  • medicamentous allergy;
  • bowels’ inflammatory illnesses;
  • some conditions after eyes’ some operations;
  • confirmed hyperpotassemia;
  • hypovolemia;
  • different others.

Order FML online

To order FML online is very easy and comfortably today without any problems. The dosing regime is usually settled by the medical specialist only individually in dependence of patient’s general health and presence of some sicknesses. The dosage (primary) is by one drop in every eye twice per day.

FML dosage

  • FML 5ml