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Ortho TriCyclen and its pharmacological actions

Ortho TriCyclen relates to combined oral contraceptive product. It has an effect on the hypothalamic-pituitary system, inhibits the production of gonadotropins, which leads to suppression of ovulation. Affecting the cervical mucus, preparation increases its viscosity, decreases the transport function of the fallopian tubes, the ability to change the implantation endometrium. Today woman may very easy order Ortho TriCyclen online overnight no rx in online chemist’s. After discontinuation of female genital glands function is quickly restored in full and then woman can get pregnant. Appointment after childbirth or abortion (miscarriage) is recommended to be held not earlier than the first normal menstrual cycle. Before the start of treatment and every 6 months patient should make general medical and gynecological examination (including breast examination, liver function, blood pressure control and the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, urine).

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Ortho TriCyclen: What You Need To Know:

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Preparation’s main indications are:

  • pregnancy prevention;
  • acne vulgaris treatment;
  • other sicknesses of women’s genital system.

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In addition to the effective protection against women unwanted pregnancy, this method has also positive effects on the health of the woman. Using the combined pill, a woman may feel less pain during menstruation, menses may themselves become less abundant and shorter. The menstrual period becomes regular. Combined oral contraceptive significantly reduces the risk of cancer of ovaries and endometrium. In addition, the use of this method protects against some of the factors that cause pelvic inflammatory disease, since the use of the combined pill reduces the menstrual blood amount, which is a good breeding ground for bacteria. Inhibiting ovulation, oral contraceptives prevent the development of an ectopic pregnancy and if a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, the combined pill makes sense to take. Women may buy Ortho TriCyclen online pharmacy easily today.

Ortho TriCyclen dosage

  • Ortho TriCyclen 0.05mg

  • Ortho TriCyclen 0.03mg

Contra-indications for the applying of hormonal contraceptives:

  • available or possible pregnancy;
  • liver disease;
  • cardio-vascular system (thrombosis, stroke, myocardial);
  • active smoking;
  • age 35 years and older;
  • diabetes (progressive or long start);
  • expressed headaches (migraine);
  • high blood pressure;
  • breast cancer (currently or in the past);
  • liver tumors.

If you are going to buy Ortho TriCyclen without prescription please consult a specialist about medicine application.

Ways of applying and dosages

Ortho TriCyclen 0.05mg/0.03mg is mostly widely-spread form of package for women. The tablets should be taken daily, and preferably at the same time. Application should begin with a reception of first tablet on the 1st day of menstrual bleeding. After that, within 20 days it must be taken daily, and then there must be a 7 day break from taking the preparation. Usually in a few days after using the pills menstrual bleeding comes. The next cycle should begin receiving on the eighth day, that is, 7 days after discontinuation of the tablets in the previous cycle. The first tablet of a new cycle should be taken regardless of whether stopped or is still ongoing bleeding. For the convenience of checking the regularity of the pills is recommended to start each new cycle with a pill marked with the day of the week data, and further to continue without interruption the entire cycle of administration. In case of missing the usual time of reception, the tablet should be taken immediately. Derogation from the usual time of reception of up to 12 hours provides a reliable contraceptive effect. Efficacy is reduced by the delay in receiving the tablets over 12 hours. Before using the method of contraception you should consult a physician.

Ortho TriCyclen collateral effects and special directions

Side effects of combined oral contraceptives develop because they contain estrogen component. The following effects are:

  • absence of menstruation;
  • inter-menstrual bleeding;
  • weight gain;
  • bleeding gums;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • depression;
  • headaches, migraines, leg cramps;
  • thromboembolic complications;
  • increased menstrual bleeding;
  • disruption of the menstrual cycle;
  • development of jaundice;
  • occurrence of severe pain in the abdomen;
  • development of Candida vaginitis;
  • blurred vision;
  • occurrence of allergic reactions.

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Medicamental interaction

Remember that many medications that you are taking may start to interact with birth control pills and lead to unpredictable consequences, including unwanted pregnancy - not the worst thing. That is why you should consult with your doctor or with a specialist pharmacist if you are already taking or planning to begin receiving other drugs:

  • Concurrent application of ethinyl estradiol and bosentan can result in the decreased concentrations of contraceptive hormones.
  • Reduction in the effective concentration can be observed while the appointment of some antibiotics (ampicillin, rifampicin), due to changes in the microflora in the gut.
  • Barbiturates, some antiepileptic drugs (carbamazepine, phenytoin), sulfonamides, pyrazolone derivatives can enhance metabolism included in the preparation of steroid hormones.

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