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Prozac and its pharmacological actions

Prozac relates to the anti depressing remedies which are also the selective inhibitors of serotonin’s inverse capture. This preparation contains the active component Fluoxetine. This substance practically doesn’t tie together with other receptors particularly it doesn’t possess some affinity with adrenoceptive, dopaminergic, histamine and cholinergic receptors. This antidepressant facilitates some acceleration of serotonin’s level in structure of person’s brain that brings to increasing of duration the serotonin’s stimulated action. The main active matter renders the expressed anti depressed effect, diminishes some anxiety, uneasiness, intensity and fear sense, heightens the patient’s mood and also it promotes dysphoria lowering. To order Prozac online overnight no rx may every individual because this medicament doesn’t render any toxic action on the myocardium or cardiac muscle, doesn’t possess by the sedative activity and it also doesn’t call any development of orthostatic hypotension. The steadfast clinical effect comes over one or sometimes two weeks of this drug’s application. After peroral applying the medication is absorbed well in digestive tract. The peak concentrations of the main matter in blood plasma are achieved 6-8 hours later after single applying. The main components are practically fully metabolized with formation of Norfluoxetine and the whole row of unidentified substances. The metabolites are egested by the kidneys.

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Prozac application has some main indications. But before you buy Prozac online pharmacy through Internet and without any prescriptions it is followed to visit your psychiatrist or other specialist in this area of medicine. This medication is mostly taken for the therapy of some patients with

  • depressions of various causation (independently of depressed disarray’s degree weak, moderate or serve ones);
  • nervous bulimia;
  • premenstrual dysphoric derangement;
  • obsessive-compulsive distressed condition;
  • anorexia;
  • alcoholism (including the heaviest forms);
  • some obtrusive conditions;
  • cardiophobic neurosis and different others.

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Also this medicament can be used as supplementary remedy in treatment of anxiety, alarm, nervousness, heightened irritability and so on. You can buy Prozac without prescription in any time you want. Besides these negative conditions there are different contra indications for this medicant applying. They are

  • simultaneous application with MAO inhibitors and during the next fourteenth days after their abolition;
  • heavy disorders of kidneys’ functions and liver working;
  • child’s age till eighteen years old (the effectiveness and safety aren’t established);
  • atony of urinary bladder;
  • period of lactation;
  • gestation;
  • heightened perceptibility to this preparation and other remedies from this medical class;
  • suicidal behavior and some others.

Prozac dosage

  • Prozac 60mg

  • Prozac 40mg

  • Prozac 20mg

  • Prozac 10mg

It is followed to take these medicines with caution under the diabetes mellitus, epileptic syndrome of various geneses and epilepsy (including those in anamnesis), Parkinson's illness, compensated renal and/or hepatic insufficiency, cachexy, emaciation, etc.

Ways of applying and dosages

Prozac 10mg 120 pills are assigned for peroral application. These pills are recommended to swallow by the slump not damage the capsules cover and washed down with enough quantity of potable water. The medication is used independently of meal applying. Duration of therapeutic course and the preparation’s dosages are formed by your physician. The daily norm under the depression is 20 mg. The dosages of 20-60 mg a day are recommended under the nervous bulimia and obsessive-compulsive distressed conditions. Women can take this remedy in dose of 20 mg per day if they have some premenstrual dysphoric derangements. In dependence of sickness intensity and preparation portability the daily norm can be increase till 80 mg. The remedy’s dosages are recommended to correct the patients bringing some other medicamental agents with similar actions and also by the sick persons with accompanying illnesses and liver’s function lowering.

Prozac collateral effects and special directions

You can do some ordering Prozac online but it is followed to know that there are different collateral results from the side of all organs and systems such as

  • vessels and heart - hot flushes, atrial flutter, vasodilation, arterial pressure lowering, vasculitis, angiitis;
  • digestive system – dryness of oral cavity’s mucous tunic, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, gastric indigestion appearance, appetite disarrays, body weight bringing down, changes of gustatory senses, development of dysphagy and painful senses by the way of esophagus;
  • nervous system – fatigability, weakness, paresthesia, headaches, sense of cool or heat, attacks of alarm and anxiety, lethargy, sleepiness, giddiness, convulsions development, insomnia, night fears, libido lowering, orgasm damages;
  • eyes – mydriasis, lowering of visual acuity;
  • urinary tract – ejaculation’s infringements, frequent urination, erectile dysfunction, vaginal bleeding, dysuria, sexual dysfunction;
  • allergic reactions and skin – nettle rush, hyperhidrosis, some skin eruptions, erythema, ecchymoma, alopecia, Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock.

Medicamental interaction

It is forbidden to take Prozac with Pimozide, Thioridazine and other antipsychotic drugs inhibited the monoamine oxidase including the period after the applying of these medicines is stopped. The combined application of this medication with serotonergic remedies (including Tramadol and Triptanes) brings to the rising of serotonin syndrome’s development and also appearances of arterial hypertension and vasoconstriction of coronary vessels. In combination of Prozac with other medicamental agents and also under the substitution of this medicant for another one with anti depressing action it is followed to taken into account that main active matter (Fluoxetine) has the prolonged period of partial ejection. This matter in combined applying heightens the plasmic concentrations and toxicity of phenitoin. Prozac can strengthen the effects evidence of peroral anticoagulants from different medical groups and prolongs some time of bleeding. The remedy can increase the duration of convulsions by those patients who bring an electroconvulsive therapy.

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