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  • extrapyramidal disarrays called by the application of neuroleptics or other preparations);
  • Parkinson’s illness;
  • neuralgia under the shingles;
  • Parkinson’s syndrome;
  • loss of consciousness as a result of craniocerebral injury;
  • parkinsonism (rigid and akinetic forms);
  • delayed going out from narcosis;
  • prevention and treatment of the influenza (virus of influenza A);
  • different others.

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  • pathologies of the heart;
  • increased prostate gland;
  • heavy hepatic intolerance;
  • allergic reactions on the preparation’s components (or medicamentous allergy);
  • narrow-angle glaucoma;
  • kidneys’ illnesses;
  • several nervous discomposing;
  • intestine impassability;
  • difficulties under the urination;
  • gastritis (sometimes);
  • hypersensitiveness to one of the components consisted this medicant;
  • some sicknesses of the liver, kidneys or heart (with prudence);
  • depression;
  • some illnesses of the bowels (especially megacolon);
  • gestation or breast-feeding (necessity of physician’s controlling);
  • intestine impassability;
  • epilepsy (with prudence);
  • several children (under the physician’s controlling);
  • various others.

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