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Anti-depressants are the medicamental remedies which help to balance the chemical elements in brain. As soon as these substances become equal the symptoms of depression and different nervous conditions disappear. There are great numbers of the medicines against depression, anxieties, alarms, anxious and depressed conditions, nervous disarrays and other types of nervous system’s derangement. All the anti-depressants in different ways influence on the chemical elements of persons’ brain. In majority occurrences the first medicine (when you begin the medical cure) will give the positive result in dependence of sickness’s gravity degree. There are some cases when the ill person has to attempt several views of medications until the patient finds necessary drugs. Nowadays there is a popular buy depression online. The improvement comes after the first three weeks after the starting of medicaments’ application. But sometimes you can see the positive result only after 6-8 weeks. If the changes absent it is followed to visit your psychiatrist. Maybe it is necessary to replace the applying remedy. If you begin to apply the medicaments during six months after recovery it helps you to guard oneself against recurring attacks of slump. Anti depression drugs list is very variegated. Here you can find as drugs for the heavy forms of depression as preparations for the prevention measures of depressed conditions such as Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Prozac, Paxil, Effexor XR, Lexapro, Elavil, Celexa, Duloxetine (Generic) and several others.

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Asendin belongs to the anti depressed medical agents. This remedy is mostly taken for some symptoms’ relief under the sickness of depression with reactive or neurotic depressing disarrays and accompanied by agitation, alarm or different anxieties.
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Celexa refers to the strongest anti depressed medical preparations. These medicines are generally applied under all types of slump, different panic derangements with or without fears, obsessive-compulsive impairments, agoraphobia and different other nervous unpleasant conditions.
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Cymbalta capsules covers to the anti depressed medical agents. The indications include all form of depression, painful form of diabetic neuropathy, generalized perturbed discomposure and several other nervous unpleasant states.
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Desyrel renders an anti depressed (timoleptic and improving the mood) action combined with anxiolytic and tranquilizer (anti anxious and calming) effect. The remedy is applied under the different forms of slump accompanied by anxiety and tenseness.
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Effexor XR covers to the antidepressants which are taken for decreasing of risk under suicidal ideas and behavior appearance by children, teenagers and young adults. The medications are also employed under depressions and other unpleasant conditions of central nervous system.
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Elavil belongs to the medical group of tricyclic antidepressants. Some behavioral disorders, phobic derangements, mixed emotional disarrays, psychogenic anorexia, children enuresis, bulimic neurosis and neurogenic pains of the chronic nature are effectively treated by this medical agent.
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Lithium has an antipsychotic and sedative effect. The main indications include maniacal phase and prevention of bipolar affective disarray’s sharpening, schizoaffective disorders, maniacal and hypo maniacal conditions with various genesis, affective damages under the chronic alcoholism, some forms of medicinal dependence and so on.
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Luvox has an anti depressing pharmacological action. The medicament is generally destined for the medical cure (as main therapy) of depressions with different genesis, obsessive-compulsive discomposure and several other nervous unpleasant states.
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Pamelor covers to the class of anti depressive agents. The remedy brings down the risk of attempted suicide and suicidal ideas appearance. The medicines are also taken for the treatment of endogenous depressions’ all types (neurotic and reactive).
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Paxil belongs to the most powerful anti depressed agents. The medicament is chiefly recommended for the medical cure of reactive, postpsyhotic and atypical depression, agoraphobia, dysthymia, several panic attacks and others.
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Paxil CR is very effective antidepressant (or SSRI) which is mainly taken by different sick individuals under obsessive-compulsive disturbances, depressions’ all types, social phobia, generalized anxious damages, agoraphobia, stressed conditions and many others.
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Pristiq refers to the big class of medical remedies well-known as antidepressants. The medication helps in treating of different anxieties, alarms, panic derangements, some nervous conditions and also for patients with depression and depressed states.
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Prozac covers to the big class of medicaments which have anti depressing properties. The medicines are intended for the medical cure of patients with depression’s all types, premenstrual dysphoric disarrays, OCD and bulimia nervosa.
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Remeron refers to the category of tetracyclic anti depressive medications which have chiefly a sedative effect. The drug is taken under the various depressive states such as anhedonia, psychomotor retardation, early awakening, weight loss, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, mood lability and loss of interest to life.
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Sinequan is an antidepressant employed under slump, anxiety, uneasiness and slumber disturbance under neuroses, alcoholism, organic sicknesses of central nervous system, psychoneurotic impairments with nervousness, agitation, anxiety and depression and so on.
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Wellbutrin SR refers to the category of the anti depressed drugs or antidepressants. This medical preparation is very effective in the therapy of different kinds of depressions including those ones accompanied by anxiety, aggression, alarm and other nervous disarrays.
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Zoloft belongs to the class of sedative medical remedies called antidepressants. Posttraumatic depressive disorders, some depressive conditions, manic states, social phobia and several suicidal ideas are successfully treated by these medicines.
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The main indications under anti-depressed agents’ applying include various sicknesses and conditions tied together with nervous disorders. The main of them are depression (all forms including reactive and heavy slump generally accompanied by anxiety), some psychical disarrays, obsessive-compulsive derangement, panic disarrays, social phobia, generalized anxious discomposure, posttraumatic stress disorder and so on. If you have one of above-listed nervous illness it is followed to buy and apply depression pills without prescription. Before you purchase one of introduced medicaments and start your treatment with it you have to consult with your psychiatrist. If your physician assigns you the anti depression medicines it is followed to remember some important moments:

  • anti-depressants give more powerful effect if you apply them followed the exact graphic of application. It also helps to bring down the appearance of the collateral effects;
  • after the starting of medicaments’ usage in the first-third week you can feel yourself better. If after three weeks it absents any of changes you have to supersede the remedy;
  • anti-depressants can have some side effects but the most of them are unimportant and pass after the first weeks of applying;
  • if you continue the preparation’s application during six months after your recovery it safeguards you from the repeated attacks of slump;
  • sudden stopping of medicament’s usage can call the worsening of depression’s symptoms or its repeater attack.

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Possible results after Depression medicines taking

The success of depressions’ medicamental treatment is first of all formed by right choice of necessary antidepressant, method of its applying and dosage. Scheme of increasing and lowering the preparation’s doses has an essential meaning and under the necessity its combination with other psychotropic medical agents. So before you buying depression tablets you have to know the right diagnosis of your sickness.

Antidepressants dosage

  • Antidepressants 100mg

  • Antidepressants 50mg

  • Antidepressants 25mg

  • Antidepressants 18mg

  • Antidepressants 10mg

Some contra indications under the anti-depressed preparations’ application

Before you decide to order depression online no prescription and than take them it is necessary to know some side effects. The diverse medications call the various collateral results. But the most widespread effects are stomach damages, appetite loss, diarrhea, the sense of excessive anxiety or excitation, disturbance of sleepiness, nervous trembling in body, the loss of sexual appetite and headaches. The most of them become apparent in light form and pass in several weeks of preparation’s usage. The treatment with antidepressants by children and adults suffered with heavy depressing derangement and other psychical sicknesses are associated with heightened risk of suicidal ideas and suicidal behavior appearance. So it is followed to select the correct dosage in every individual case and apply the antidepressants in exact succession. Under appearance of different negative results you should visit your psychiatrist.