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Acivir Cream possesses by anti viral activity exceptionally to the viruses of herpes. The main indications include the treatment of herpes on lips, herpes simplex of genitals, herpes zoster and others.
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Buy Anti Flu Face Mask online Quick view
Anti Flu Face Mask presents itself a patented medical mask for man’s face known as Bio Mask. This agent kills some kinds of different viruses and bacteria made the person’s breathing as normal condition. The mask is also intended under the influenza A virus.
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Buy Anti-Bacterial Face Mask online Quick view
Anti-Bacterial Face Mask is a available easy-to-use mask for person’s face which has the highest anti bacterial filtration effectiveness (BFE). This mask is assigned for prevention of various infections under the highest risk of different dangerous situations and environments.
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Buy Atazanavir online Quick view
Atazanavir belongs to the anti viral medical remedies which are azapeptid inhibitor of HIV protease. This medicament precludes the development of ripe virions and contamination or infection of other cells.
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Buy Atripla online Quick view
Atripla is a combined anti viral preparation. The remedy helps in medical cure of some infections called by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) by adults with virological resistibility by RNA levels.
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Buy Combivir online Quick view
Combivir relates to the combined ant viral medical preparation which have in their structure two main matters which are high effective electoral inhibitors of HIV-1 and HIV-2 reverse transcriptase. This remedy is also can be taken by children with body weight not less than 14 kg under some HIV-infections.
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Buy Darunavir online Quick view
Darunavir refers to the anti viral medicaments that are inhibitors of the type HIV-1 protease. This medical agent is mostly assigned for the cure of HIV-infection especially by adults earlier given some anti retroviral preparations (in view of complex treatment).
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Buy Didanosine online Quick view
Didanosine covers to the anti viral medical agents which are very effective in relation to the man’s immunodeficiency virus. The main indication is medical cure of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (or AIDS).
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Epivir refers to the antiviral officinal preparations which are mostly applied and very effective for the main therapy of various HIV-infections in structure of combined antiretroviral treatment such in children as by adults.
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Nevirapine is an antiviral medical drug with straight activity. The remedy is taken as preventive measures under HIV-1 transmission from mother to baby in period of pregnancy which don’t use any antiretroviral treatments during the delivery.
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Podofilox belongs to the antiviral medicaments for local application. These medicines are generally applied under the pointed condyloma (the highest quality neoplasms on the man’s skin and mucous membranes) such by male as female individuals.
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Retrovir refers to the anti retroviral medicamental drugs with the highest anti viral activity. This preparation is chiefly taken for the medical cure of HIV-contagions in composition of combined treatment by some teens and adults.
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Ribavirin belongs to the anti viral medications for inhalation using. The medicant is successfully employed for stationary cure of sucking children and some ones of early child’s ages which suffer from heavy contagions of lower respiratory tract called by some viruses.
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Ritomune (Ritonavir) relates to the biggest class of antiviral officinal preprations. These medicines are effectively taken for the treatment of infections’ various tyoes called by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
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Sustiva relates to the class of medical preparations which are successfully applied for the medical cure of different HIV-infections in view of complex therapy with other medicamental agents having antiretroviral effect.
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Truvada covers to the anti viral officinal agents which successfully fight against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The medication is used for the therapy of HIV-1 and HIV-2 by adults in structure of complex therapy with other anti retroviral preparations.
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