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Asthma is a chronic illness stroked the airway tract (in the first place, the bronchial tubes). It is a periodical contraction of breathing passages calling the dyspnea and whistling respiration. This disease can occur in any age. In majority cases asthma is a domestic sickness. The risk factor for the illness’s development is smoking. The severity and duration of asthma’s attacks can strongly differ from time to time. So you have to buy asthma online in period when you have am asthmatic attacks. Some persons with asthma experience light and infrequent disease’s episodes, other ones every time suffer from prolonged and enfeebled symptoms. Several heavy attacks of asthma can threaten to individual’s life if the necessary medical assistance isn’t rendered. During the sickness’s attacks is happened the bronchial tubes’ muscular shortening that calls their contraction. The mucous membrane of bronchi becomes inflamed and produces much mucus which stops up the little airways. Asthma drugs list is presented by medical remedy Prednisone (Generic) which can help people suffering of this illness.

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Prednisone (Generic) covers to the medical class well-known as glucocorticoids. Besides bronchial asthma this preparation is used under other allergic illnesses, contact dermatitis, suprarenal insufficiency, thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, progressing ophthalmopathy, asthmatic status and so on.
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Anti asthmatic (or anti allergic) medicaments divide into two types: asthmatic tablets and inhalators. The medicines are mostly taken during prolonged period and for preventive measures under asthma as sickness. Inhalators are generally applied under the asthmatic attacks for spasms lowering and breathing improving. Asthma pills without prescription are chiefly bought during the internet in various US pharmacies. All inhalation anti asthmatic preparations can be also divided into

  • quickly-operated medications (They remove some spasms of small bronchi. These agents begin operating over several minutes after inhalation and eliminate or considerably facilitate the most poignant asthma symptom - shortness of breath or asphyxia);
  • the medicaments of short-period action (They have already taken off the asphyxia over 3-5 minutes after inhalation and preserve bronchodilatory effect during the next 3-5 hours);
  • the inhalators of prolonged action (They start to operate less sluggish but they “work” till 12 hours. These medicants broaden the bronchial tubes excited the betta2-adrenoreceptors. Children of earlier age can apply AM (amplitude modulation) of the shortest action in view of solution reduced over the mask with helping of electrical inhalator);
  • inhalation preparations with preventive action (They don’t remove the sudden bronchial spasm. This type includes inhalation hormonal remedies. These drugs under the inhalation introduction gradually improve the bronchial tubes patency rendered some anti-inflammatiory action decreased the edema of mucous membrane. Preventive inhalation medical agents are applied all over the world for prolonged preventive treatment of bronchial asthma);
  • combined inhalation preparations – AM of prolonged action + hormonal remedies (They are broadly taken in treatment of heavy chronic bronchial asthma. Under prescription of these combined medicines the AM broadens some condensed bronchial tubes and a hormone preparation takes off some allergic inflammation prevented thereby of AM overdose and diminished the possibility of apprehensibility lowering to them).

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The alternative of preparation and the method of its inhalation is done by physician-specialist. But without patient understanding of inhalation anti asthmatic remedies’ action principles the treatment of bronchial asthma cannot be effective.

Possible results after asthma medicines taking

Asthmatic medications of short-period action are successfully and safely used for prevention of asthmatic attacks after some physical load and under infrequent but sharp episodes appeared in case of allergen’s sudden influence (dust, hair, pollen, food and others). In majority of these cases it is necessary the inhalation of short-length action’s preparation. You can do some buying asthma tablets and inhalators after consulting with your physician and establishment of exact diagnosis. AM of prolonged action aren’t applied for the attacks removal. They are generally employed for protracted treatment of bronchial asthma as disease.

Asthma dosage

  • Asthma 100mg

  • Asthma 50mg

  • Asthma 25mg

  • Asthma 18mg

  • Asthma 10mg

Some contra indications under the asthma preparations’ application

The frequent repeated applying of AM brings to the gradual lowering of bronchial receptors’ apprehensibility. In this case the asphyxia can call some collateral effect such as weakness, extremities trembling or heartbeats or different cardiovascular problems and heart sicknesses. Hormonal medical agents practically don’t have any side results. The real complication which can appear is involvement of oral cavity’ mucous membrane and top breathing ways. So the patients can easy order asthma online no prescription.