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Birth control pills are hormonal medical agents generally taken as the preventive measures of unwanted pregnancy. These preparations inhibit ovulation in female persons and as a result fertilization does not occur. The contraindications practically absent if the woman takes these medications correctly implemented all recommendations of her gynecologist. Birth control effect is reached in 99 percent under the drugs’ right applying. Their action is based on content of hormonal substances, which are very similar to those that produced in female body. Nowadays it becomes very popular to buy birth control online. Modern oral contraceptives contain one or more hormone substances including progesterone and estrogen. In accordance with this, they are classified into a monophasic and combination pills. Yasmin, Yaz, Alesse, Morning After Pill and Ortho TriCyclen are presented birth control medicaments in our portal.

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Birth control : What You Need To Know:

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Alesse belongs to the appropriate combined medical drugs which consist of two main hormonal matters or hormones (progestin and estrogen). These substances promote for prevention of unwanted gestation by women who have had a child.
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Ortho TriCyclen is one of the modern combined medical remedy from the category of “birth control”. Female individuals can apply these medicines for preventive measures of unwanted pregnancy and for improving their hormone system.
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Yasmin covers to the medical agents which have the strongest contraceptive result of their applying. This preparation is successfully employed such hormonal contraception as the medication improved sexual and hormonal systems by women.
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Yaz belongs to the combined medical remedies with single-phase effect called contraceptives. These tablets are chiefly assigned by different gynecologists for the prevention of unpleasant and undesirable pregnancy and also for effective therapy of the acne’s light forms.
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Contraceptive agents are mostly the hormonal remedies. They operate on the endocrine system of every female organism. These birth control medicaments are very effective but they have some negative consequences due to irregular applying or inaccuracy in dosage’s collating. Women can acquire birth control pills without prescription only after visiting their physicians. The birth control medicines are also may be indicated for

  • the female persons with abundance of male hormones in their organism;
  • some women in lactation period;
  • the female patients during the postnatal period (if woman doesn’t feed by the breast);
  • some women for improving their menstrual cycle under some disorders (including excessive bleeding during the menstruation and so on);
  • the female individuals under hormonal background’s failure;
  • some women tolerated the extrauterine gestation;
  • the female persons suffered from anemia.

Birth control medications are also used by different women elder than thirty years old who wish the most qualitative defense of female organism.

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Possible results after birth control medicines taking

The positive effect is not only a contraceptive effect, but also in many several other advantages. When receiving hormonal agents, the menstrual period comes to normal and menstruation becomes less painful. Birth control tablets do not prevent subsequent wanted pregnancy, which may occur 1-2 months after the termination of their admission. Risk of cancer genitals and breasts is reduced. For improving your health and avoiding undesirable gestation it is necessary to do buying birth control tablets and take them immediately. The positive effects contain menstrual cycle's control, effect on discomfort in the middle of cycle and before menstruation, reduced frequency of "women's" inflammatory diseases, the reduced risk of neoplastic diseases of the sexual sphere, slowing-down of osteoporosis development, prevention of extrauterine pregnancy, therapeutic effect for some skin sicknesses.

Birth Control dosage

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Some contra indications under the birth control preparations’ application

Contraindications to this contraception's method are vascular brain disease, venous thromboembolism, malignant tumors of mammary glands and genitals. Do not apply birth control pills with diseases of liver or gallbladder, with menstrual irregularities in nullipara women, and also too meager, or vice versa, too heavy menstruation. Women over 40 years old should not use hormonal preparation. As any medicines, birth control can have several side effects. In the first case can occur so-called effect of "false pregnancy". A woman feels sick, may be vomiting, headache, breast tenderness. This effect could give the hormone estrogen. Besides irritability, decreased libido, weight gain due to fluid retention can appear also. Allergic reaction may occur; in that case the remedy should be stopped to be taken. Effectiveness also depends not only on the correctness of reception and correct prescription. There are also different factors that significantly reduce the tablet's effect. These include vomiting, smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages in large quantities, antibiotics, analgesics, anti-depressants. Women may order birth control online no prescription in any time through our internet pharmacy.