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Researchers have found that around 70 percent of drivers' time behind the wheel is spent mind wandering. Could this represent a driving hazard?
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Triple-negative breast cancer is an aggressive type of cancer that is difficult to treat. Learn about risk factors, how it is diagnosed, and treatments.
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What is subcutaneous fat? In this article, we look at the health impact of subcutaneous fat, what causes it, and how to lose it through exercises and diet.

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Buy Pamelor online Quick view
Pamelor covers to the class of anti depressive agents. The remedy brings down the risk of attempted suicide and suicidal ideas appearance. The medicines are also taken for the treatment of endogenous depressions’ all types (neurotic and reactive).
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Buy Panadol Extra online Quick view
Panadol Extra covers to the combined medical drugs which contain in their structure acetaminophen and caffeine. The medication is intended for the treatment of sick persons having different types of pain such as muscular ones, migraine or strong headaches, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, influenza, and so on.
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Buy Pancrelipase online Quick view
Pancrelipase covers to enzymes and antienzymes pharmacological group. Indications for applying are insufficiency of exocrine pancreatic function, chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder, and status after resection or irradiation of these organs, accompanied by impaired digestion, flatulence and different others.
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Buy Parlodel (Generic) online Quick view
Parlodel (Generic) tablets refer to the inhibitors of prolactin’s secretion (antiparkinsonian drugs). This preparation is generally used under prolactin dependent sicknesses and conditions accompanied or aren’t attended by hyperprolactinemia.
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Buy Patanol online Quick view
Patanol belongs to the innovative eye drops mostly applied for allergic conjunctivitis cure in adults and also children from three years’ age, greatly reduces the symptoms of ocular allergy immediately after instillation.
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Buy Paxil online Quick view
Paxil belongs to the most powerful anti depressed agents. The medicament is chiefly recommended for the medical cure of reactive, postpsyhotic and atypical depression, agoraphobia, dysthymia, several panic attacks and others.
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Buy Paxil CR online Quick view
Paxil CR is very effective antidepressant (or SSRI) which is mainly taken by different sick individuals under obsessive-compulsive disturbances, depressions’ all types, social phobia, generalized anxious damages, agoraphobia, stressed conditions and many others.
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Buy Pentasa online Quick view
Pentasa is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent that as a local anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect. Preparation is well tolerated, reduces the risk of relapse in Crohn's disease, especially in patients with ileitis and long duration of the disease.
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Buy Pepcid online Quick view
Pepcid belongs to anti-ulcer remedies employed under gastric ulcer, Zollinger Ellison syndrome (a combination of a stomach ulcer and benign tumors of the pancreas), the prevention of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers in long-term treatment of corticosteroids or nonsteroidal antiinflammatory preparations.
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Buy Pepfiz online Quick view
Pepfiz relates to combined preparations that have digestive enzymatic action, accelerate the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, and reduce flatulence. Appointment is chronic pancreatitis, liver disease, enteritis, a syndrome of non-ulcer dyspepsia, flatulence and others.
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Buy Periactin online Quick view
Periactin possesses antihistaminic activity (blocks H1 receptors), is taken in allergic illnesses (serum sickness, acute and chronic urticaria, vasomotor rhinitis, neurodermatitis, contact dermatitis, angioedema), and migraine.
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Buy Persantine online Quick view
Persantine is chiefly applied for combined therapy with some anticoagulants or blood thinners. The main indications for this drug’s application include the inhibiting of the thrombus (or blood clots) formation.
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Buy Phenergan online Quick view
Phenergan covers to medicines which have strong antihistamine activity. Indications for usage are allergic diseases, rheumatic fever with the severe allergic components, itchy dermatitis (skin disease), Meniere's disease, and others.
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Buy Phentermine (Adipex) online Quick view
Phentermine (Adipex) is a sympathomimetic drug, a derivative of amphetamine, primarily assigned to suppress appetite. Preparation is typically applied to people suffering from overweight, instead of the surgical methods.
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Buy Picrolax online Quick view
Picrolax covers to the class of herbal preparations. These medical drugs are very effective laxative for the medical cure of acute constipation. This medicament helps in smooth feces evacuation and improving of stomach working.
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Buy Pilex online Quick view
Pilex is presented itself many components natural remedy consisted of different vegetable plants. The main indications for this medicament’s applying are hemorrhoid of the first and second stages and others.
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Buy Pimozide online Quick view
Pimozide covers to antipsychotics (neuroleptics) that have no hypnotic and sedative effects. Medicine is assigned under schizophrenia, paranoid state, psychotic and neurotic states with paranoid symptoms.
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Buy Plavix (Generic) online Quick view
Plavix (Generic) belongs to the medical agents inhibited the blood coagulability. The remedy is widely taken for the preventive measures of arterial thrombosis by patients with ishemic stroke, confirmed sickness of peripheral arteries, cardiac infarction and so on.
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Buy Pletal online Quick view
Pletal is quinolinone derivative intended after stenting (in combination with aspirin), intermittent claudication. At the moment, its application is considered in order to prevent recurrent stroke, thrombosis and restenosis after reconstructive vascular surgery.
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Buy Podofilox online Quick view
Podofilox belongs to the antiviral medicaments for local application. These medicines are generally applied under the pointed condyloma (the highest quality neoplasms on the man’s skin and mucous membranes) such by male as female individuals.
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Buy Ponstel online Quick view
Ponstel (or Mefenamic acid) belongs to the NSAIDs which are mostly taken for the medical cure of nonspecific (rheumatoid) arthritis, acute rheumatic fever, ankylosing spondylitis, myalgia, arthralgia, some headaches, neuralgia and so on.
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Buy Potassium Citrate online Quick view
Potassium Citrate relates to the class of medicamental preparations well-known as potassium formulation which are generally employed for the treating of uric acid and calcium kidney stones.
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Buy Prandin online Quick view
Prandin refers to synthetic hypoglycemic agents’ range and is used in addition to diet and exercise to control blood sugar levels in people with noninsulin dependent diabetes.
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Buy Precose online Quick view
Precose is glucosidase inhibitor that reduces plasma glucose levels in the postprandial blood, smoothes fluctuations in plasma glucose during the day, in the background diet does not cause hypoglycemia isolator.
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Buy Prednisolone online Quick view
Prednisolone refers to the corticosteroid medicaments. This drug is chiefly applied for the cure of different auto-immune and inflammatory sicknesses including rheumatoid arthritis, uveitis, asthma, ulcerative colitis, Bell's palsy, cluster headaches, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus and several others.
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Buy Prednisone (Generic) online Quick view
Prednisone (Generic) covers to the medical class well-known as glucocorticoids. Besides bronchial asthma this preparation is used under other allergic illnesses, contact dermatitis, suprarenal insufficiency, thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, progressing ophthalmopathy, asthmatic status and so on.
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Buy Prevacid online Quick view
Prevacid agent belongs the group of medicaments which can normalize the acidity of gastric proton pump inhibitor. These medicines are taken for reflux-esophagitis, duodenal ulcer, and erosive- ulcerous esophagitis and so on.
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Buy Priligy online Quick view
Priligy refers to the selective inhibitors of serotonin’s inverse usurpation. The medication helps to fight effectively with some problems of premature ejaculation (PE) by male individuals in age elder than 18 years.
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Buy Prilosec online Quick view
Prilosec refers to proton pump inhibitors’ range employed under gastric ulcer in acute phase, gastroesophageal reflux disease, reflux esophagitis, including erosive and ulcerative, systemic mastocytosis, multiple endocrine adenomatosis, stress ulcer, including prevention.
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Buy Prinivil online Quick view
Prinivil belongs to ACE blockers. Indications of medicament include hypertension (including symptomatic), chronic heart failure, early cure of acute myocardial infarction in hemodynamically stable patients (in combination therapy).
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Buy Pristiq online Quick view
Pristiq refers to the big class of medical remedies well-known as antidepressants. The medication helps in treating of different anxieties, alarms, panic derangements, some nervous conditions and also for patients with depression and depressed states.
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Buy Probenecid online Quick view
Probenecid covers to the uricosuric medical remedies. This medication is successfully taken for the medical cure of podagrous arthritis with different frequent attacks of podagra and hyperuricemia which is associated with this sickness.
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Buy Prograf online Quick view
Prograf belongs to the medical agents’ class well-known as immunosuppressants. It is a very effective medication applied for preventive measures of several organs’ rejections in liver, kidneys and heart transplant’s recipients.
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Buy Propecia online Quick view
Propecia covers to the class of hormonal anticancer medical agents. The remedy is chiefly taken under benign prostatic hyperplasia, for improving of urine flow, decreasing symptoms associated with hyperplasia and acute urinary retention’s risk and so on.
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Buy Protonix online Quick view
Protonix is blocker gastric secretion, anti-ulcer agent intended for treating of reflux disease of mild severity and its symptoms as heartburn, casting acidic stomach contents, pain when swallowing, and prevention of recurrence of reflux esophagitis, etc.
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Buy Provera online Quick view
Provera refers to class of progestogens. The remedy can reduce the vasomotor symptoms in menopause. These medicines don’t have any effects under the period of lactation. Provera is chiefly applied as the method of contraception especially by female individuals of the late reproductive age.
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Buy Prozac online Quick view
Prozac covers to the big class of medicaments which have anti depressing properties. The medicines are intended for the medical cure of patients with depression’s all types, premenstrual dysphoric disarrays, OCD and bulimia nervosa.
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Buy Pulmicort online Quick view
Pulmicort refers to synthetic GCS class. This medical agent generally applied for asthma treating and usually decreases the bronchial obstruction during allergic reactions, and severity of bronchial edema.
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Buy Punarnava online Quick view
Punarnava possesses by antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, blood cleansing, pain-relieving, astringent, styptic, carminative and expectorant actions. It is one of the best natural herbage for the treatment of respiratory sicknesses.
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Buy Pyridium online Quick view
Pyridium is used as urinary analgesic medicament. The remedy is generally employed for relieving of some pains, urgency, burning, frequency and other negative symptoms appearing from the irritation of the lowest urinary tract mucosa called by several urinary infections, surgery and so on.
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